Change To Our Service

-We will no longer offering LUNCH during the weekend.

-Lunch will still be offer from Tuesday to Friday at 11AM-3PM as per usual.

Dining Room

-Dining Room is now open. (Temporally) 

-Please wear your mask, you may take off your mask when you are at your designated table.

-Please socially distancing as much as possible when dining.

-Please properly wear your mask when moving about away from your table.

-Maximum party of 6 per table allowed

-We allowed up to 50% capacity 

-We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who do not follow our above guideline.


-As we shift and make changes to our service from takeout only to full service, we are expected to be slower than usual as of this time, please be patient.

-All Covid19 safety guidelines and precaution still in place.


-Our dine in service is only TEMPORALY. We are closely monitor COVID19 in our area, if there are changes concerning our customers and our staff's safety, we will not hesitate to close our dining room.


Let's Work Together

We are happy to be able to provide our customers with dine in service once more, but we are also will not be taking any risk when it come to COVID19.  Please comply with our dining guideline as much as possible. Thank you.