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Job at Kanlaya

We are looking to hire more staffs for our Dinner Hours services, if you're interested, please complete the form below.

Our Pay start at $17.85 Per Hour

Please note that this is $2.85 per hour as base pay, and as server you will make the additional on tips.


If your tip + base pay does not reach the $17.85 per hour, we will top up for you, which mean you will guarantee $17.85 per hour. 

Trainee will be hire at $15/Hour

Need member who can work Night Shifts (3:45PM-8:45PM)

No Experiences required.

Job Application

We're hiring!


We're looking to hire more staffs, 

2 new members into our team ASAP. Pay starting at $17.85/Hour.


Thanks for submitting!

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